About J.L Worrad


‘James Luke Worrad, a man unreasonably obsessed with talking in the third person, is also an SFF writer, screenwriter, general gad-about-internet and night man at a quasi-reputable hotel. Though aware this is the customary point in a author’s ‘about page’ to make some amusing quip regarding the cats he lives with, James Worrad eschews this tradition. He does have cats though. They’re just not very funny. They’re f*cking depressing, truth be told.

In 2011 James Worrad attended the prestigious Clarion Writers Workshop at the University of California, San Diego. He attended again in 2012 but the police moved him on.

James Worrad has had ‘stuff’ (that’s the professional term for writings both fiction and non-fiction) appear with Daily Science Fiction, Newcon Books, Interzone, Obverse Books, Flurb and this very blog, amongst others.

James Worrad is also permitted to write screenplays. One of them, a short called Flawless, was selected for the Cannes Film Festival and also for Cineglobe (held at CERN, where they keep the Hadron Collider!) among a whole heap of other film festivals.

James Worrad’s hotel night job has… well, let’s just say he’s never short of writing material.

James Worrad was last seen weeping into a bag of Cheetos while sat on the concourse outside East Midlands Airport, Terminal 2. His current whereabouts are unknown. May God have mercy ‘pon us all.’


-I hereby sign that the above statement is factual and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

-Linda Hamilton

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