Fiction by James Worrad



Want to get ahead in business? Then you need a neural switch to inhibit empathy! Find out more in the mind-bending new novelette ‘The Pink Star-Ship Switch’, a tale of questionable capitalism, alien trickery and strange drugs. A Castrum Press anthology, Future Days features an incredible range of science fiction tales by visionary authors.

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(Also available in paperback)

Free Fiction:

  ‘Eye-High’ (3,800 words), FLURB #1  ”You don’t smoke, shoot or snort.  Just stare, man.  The hit goes through your eyes.” 

‘And the Quantum Tantric Most Twisted Story of 2012 Award goes to James Worrad’s sublime ‘Eye-High’.’

-Quantum Tantra

‘+1’ (240 words), Daily Science Fiction ‘Walter hid his disgust. A man was dead. Their man. Was nothing sacred in America?’ 


Fiction You Have To Buy:



‘Silent In Her Vastness’: Short Story In ‘Noir’ Anthology Aiden Adley is the only human in a twenty mile radius of the University Of California, San Diego. He prefers it that way’ (US Amazon)
‘The writing is magnificent. ‘Silent In Her Vastness’ is a brilliant, deeply moving story. The standout, if there is to be just one, of the collection.’
-Amazing Stories

‘The Strings’: Novelette within anthology (Obverse Books)  ‘A line emerged across his throat. Scarlet. He stared at Crowthorne accusatively, a child blamed for another’s misdemeanor. Blood gushed from the collar bone and he collapsed.’ 

“James Worrad’s ‘The Strings’… had me utterly gripped by the conclusion. Set in a distant future, ‘The Strings’ spans high fantasy and science fiction, on a world touched by godlike beings and subject to manipulation from all quarters.”

-Daniel Tessier, Immaterial.




Interview with artist Warwick Frazer-Coombe, Interzone ‘I wanted it to be real fantasy adventure stuff. Who didn’t dream about fighting giant robots and spaceships when they were at school?’

Interview with artist Richard Wagner, Interzone  ‘In a cover illustration my goal is to develop a composition of images that first visually engages the viewer and then encourages them to seek the story within it.

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