Film by James Worrad

Here’s details of my screenplay work (Links to available to watch films can be found in that film’s title). Making movies is a lot of fun!


Badshoes Films, Dir. Keith Allott, Screenplay. James Worrad and Lucy Wade (5.32 mins)


An emotive five-minute piece of slipstream SF, Flawless is about a father and daughter, painful regrets and salvation.

Released on to the festival circuit in June 2014, ‘Flawless’ was selected for 23 festivals over 18 months including Festival de Cine Lanzarote 2015, Cineglobe 2015 at CERN Institute, Cannes Short Film Corner, CineFiesta 2014, New York Independent Film Festival 2015, Aesthetica 2015 as well as a pretty good run at the BAFTA’s too.

Flawless shown at Leicester’s Outdoor Film Festival



Badshoes Films, Dir. Keith Allott

Originally created for the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge, we were given the film title, the line “At least you have an excuse” and the action of someone peeling a label from a tin. It was written by me and Lucy in about 12 hours and filmed by Jess, Zahra, Fergus, Ryan, Joel, Emma and me in about 11 hours and originally edited through the night in about 10 hours.





A full length motion picture. Details to be announced.

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