King Parewick’s Folly

In the endless search for elegance some paragraphs, pages, and even chapters, are cut from a draft. Never was this more true than my current draft of The Keep Within. Here’s a bit that, tearfully, got the chop. I present it here instead. It gives a flavour of the TKW. “Larksdale reached his chamber and […]

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New Pastures

I’m to be leaving my night receptionist job. I do so with much sadness, for you couldn’t ask for a kinder bunch of workmates than at Premier Inn Leicester North West. It’s been a family, truly, and if you ever have need to stay in Leicester you can do no better than LNW. But I’ve […]

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Forgive me posting this kind of thing but it’s still quite new to me and gives intense job satisfaction. Writers are partly paid in the happiness of total strangers.

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My morning

Spending a nice morning typing up my great-grand aunt’s poetry from the 1910s-1920s from scanned copies of versions my grandmother typed up on paper in the fifties. I’m learning new words like ‘pendent’ and ‘throstles’.

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The Arango Building

Still going through my obsession with the houses of John Lautner. This one is the Arango residence in Acapulco, Mexico, built for a supermarket tycoon. Lautner had a moment of opulent genius with this one: the upper level doesn’t have a safety wall or rail but a goddamn swimming pool moat!!! It’s just as hard […]

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