Praise For The Keep Within!

I’m awed and humbled by the kind words of fellow authors for my upcoming novel. My ego is the size of Wales right now! “Full of dark intrigues, wonderfully layered characters, and a dazzling plot that twists and turns in satisfying ways, this book is masterfully written and just bloody fantastic to read.” —Sebastien de […]

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The Sadness Of ‘No Other’

The story of No Other, Gene Clark’s searingly beautiful album terrifies me. Gene Clark sobered up, toiled hard and opened his D-minor heart to the world and the world of 1974 didn’t want it. In fact the record company removed it from their catalogue entirely and it was only after Clark’s sad death in the […]

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This mysterious remote control has just appeared at work. Feel like this is the start of a Twilight Zone episode.

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The Mustard Factor

Copies of The Keep Within are with authors at the moment, so they can say nice things which can then be stuck on the cover. It’s a strange process but an immensely rewarding one. A booster shot to the ol’ ego, that’s for sure. 

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Kevin O’Neil and Blitzspear

The passing away of Kevin O’Neil has hit me more than I’d ever have thought it would. His comic art blew my little mind back when I was a kid. Today I was thinking how overlooked his design of Blitzspear (the living spacecraft of Nemesis The Warlock) is. It never makes any top ten of […]

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Rounding my visit to Matt’s off with an old school game of Heroquest. It’s… not quite as good as you remember it. But it improved with a bottle of wine. Something I didn’t have when I played it at ten years old. The wine, I suppose, replaces the childhood glee.

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