Old Watercolour

Found this on my page at SFF Chronicles. Scanned it years ago and put it up there, lost the original painting along the way. Must date from 2008-ish. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I like to sketch/scribble my way into a novel. Helps find the mood. Check out SFF Chronicles. Great forum. And […]

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The Visions Of Duncan Halleck

If you’ve been keeping up with my shenanigans (ie, the publication of the first two books of the Feral Space Series) you’ll have noticed the gobsmackingly awesome covers. They’re by the artist Duncan Halleck. I’ve been incredibly and undeservedly lucky to get Duncan as my cover artist. Feral is, after all, my debut series. I’d […]

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Just a doodle

In a bout of writing avoidance I done did a sketch of the protagonist from my pal Ellery’s work in progress. Sword came out wobbly but otherwise I’m pretty pleased. I’m not gonna start drawing graphic novels anytime soon though, let’s face it.  

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