Kevin O’Neil and Blitzspear

The passing away of Kevin O’Neil has hit me more than I’d ever have thought it would. His comic art blew my little mind back when I was a kid. Today I was thinking how overlooked his design of Blitzspear (the living spacecraft of Nemesis The Warlock) is. It never makes any top ten of […]

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Rounding my visit to Matt’s off with an old school game of Heroquest. It’s… not quite as good as you remember it. But it improved with a bottle of wine. Something I didn’t have when I played it at ten years old. The wine, I suppose, replaces the childhood glee.

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A New Start For Our Layla

It’s with some sadness that I relate Layla (aka ‘Lady Fussington’, aka ‘The Duchess’, aka ‘Ol’ Lefty Bereux’) has moved on to pastures and scritches anew. Yup, she’s got a new owner and a new home. Of course I should add I was never her owner. I merely shared a den with her, one which […]

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