Pennyblade Eastercon Launch

The launch of Pennyblade went very well, thanks for asking. Nice turn out and all the wine drunk. Here’s a clip of me reading… Excerpt from the fabulous Pennyblade by @JLWORRAD at it’s @TitanBooks launch @reclamation2022 I’ve left you gagging for more… you are going to have to go buy the book and get your […]

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Fantasy And Vulgarity

Here’s a link to a post I wrote for in which I look at vulgarity, cursing and general lewdness in the fantasy genre. It’s an issue of interest to me given how Pennyblade has been received. It was also a lot of fun to write.

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Pennyblade Blog Tour, Days 2 and 3.

Welcome, welcome! The tour continues! Yesterday saw an interview and a review over at the wonderful Trans-Scribe! A really warm review, not to mention an in-depth interview I really loved answering. Spoke lots about Pennyblade’s worldbuilding and my process with that novel. I wrote a blog post- Fantasy And Vulgarity– over at Risingshadow. Pennyblade has […]

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I had the rather swell privilege of getting to read Oliver K. Langmead’s ‘Glitterati’ before it comes out and I really recommend you look out for it. It’s a satire about a caste of super fashionable people in a dystopian future they benefit from but don’t even understand. It’s really imaginative and funny and- surprisingly- […]

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