Kevin O’Neil and Blitzspear

The passing away of Kevin O’Neil has hit me more than I’d ever have thought it would. His comic art blew my little mind back when I was a kid. Today I was thinking how overlooked his design of Blitzspear (the living spacecraft of Nemesis The Warlock) is. It never makes any top ten of […]

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What Is Science Fiction? (1979)

A Sunday afternoon flashback from 1979 with Douglas Adams, Harry Harrison, Peter Nicholls and Ian Watson, all interviewed by comb-over BBC titan Cliff Michealmoore. It captures SF at a moment: very male (albeit tempered by fantastic facial hair) and with a crisis as to what SF should be. Harrison is absolutely adamant SF should avoid […]

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I had the rather swell privilege of getting to read Oliver K. Langmead’s ‘Glitterati’ before it comes out and I really recommend you look out for it. It’s a satire about a caste of super fashionable people in a dystopian future they benefit from but don’t even understand. It’s really imaginative and funny and- surprisingly- […]

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Asimov Got His Ass Pinched

With the coming of a Foundation series on Apple TV a whole new generation is going to Google Isaac Asimov and discover how creepy he was. Asimov made a lot of predictions that have more or less come to pass–robots taking jobs for instance–but what he never foresaw was an early twenty-first century culture intolerant […]

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Salon

I’ve recently started a science fiction and fantasy group on Facebook and new members are always most welcome! Fantasy & Sci-Fi Salon is a place to relax and talk about genre (mainly literature but also cinema, games etc) and catch up on the latest news and gossip. Polite passion is our aesthetic and witty repartee […]

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