Carpe Threeweekum

I’ve got three weeks off of work. From a writer perspective this means I’ve three weeks of having a super-rich spouse who supports my aspirations financially. Except I don’t have to emotionally and sexually support *them* because they don’t exist. Best of both worlds. I’m living Melania Trump’s dream life right now and I have […]

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Hotel, Friday Night

Guy wanted to pay for room with cash, offered driving license as ID. Wasn’t his face in the photo. I pointed this out and we was all “It was from years ago, faces change”. I was like “This man looks decades older than you, sir. Are you from Gallifrey?” He left. Not in a TARDIS.

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Which Game Of Thrones House Are You (Based On Your Favourite Old School Biscuit)?

‘You can’t beat a biscuit’ as JRR Tolkien once opined. Indeed, it was the first line of The Silmarillion until Tolkien’s editors got all sniffy. And, oh boy, it’s hard to disagree (unless you’re diabetic). We love biscuits, we love boxes of biscuits and we love box sets of Game Of Thrones. But what’s your […]

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