Russ Nicholson R.I.P

I’m saddened to hear of Russ Nicholson’s passing. Many of us grew up seeing his illustrations in the Fighting Fantasy books or issues of White Dwarf back when it was a cornucopia of diverse gaming lore. Nicholson leaves us work that lies somewhere between the faerie enchantments of Arthur Rackham and the monotone splendour of […]

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Annotated Excerpt

Over on Civilian Reader’s site I do an annotated excerpt from my new book, The Keep Within. I loved the experience; it was a bit like doing a commentary track on a DVD. Go check it out and, while you do, check out other authors’ annotations too. It’s a neat idea for a feature.

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A Little Improvisation…

My office is also my living room, which is nice and light and airy when I’m working but hella echoey when I’m doing a YouTube Zoom interview. Today I’m experimenting to muffle all that. Seems to work. A bit anyway. I may or may not pop a blanket on top as a roof. But I’m […]

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Those lovely people at Titan Books have arranged a blog tour for me and The Keep Within. I’ll be sure to link to a few of ‘em here.

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