Historical Novel? No Fear!

The idea of writing a historical novel absolutely terrifies me. Hats off to anyone who does. I love history but the trouble is the people in history insist on leaving piles of written evidence around and, before you know it, you’re researching beeswax candle-making in late 17th century Cleethorpes just so you can write your […]

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Carpe Threeweekum

I’ve got three weeks off of work. From a writer perspective this means I’ve three weeks of having a super-rich spouse who supports my aspirations financially. Except I don’t have to emotionally and sexually support *them* because they don’t exist. Best of both worlds. I’m living Melania Trump’s dream life right now and I have […]

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Hotel, Friday Night

Guy wanted to pay for room with cash, offered driving license as ID. Wasn’t his face in the photo. I pointed this out and we was all “It was from years ago, faces change”. I was like “This man looks decades older than you, sir. Are you from Gallifrey?” He left. Not in a TARDIS.

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