What Is Science Fiction? (1979)

A Sunday afternoon flashback from 1979 with Douglas Adams, Harry Harrison, Peter Nicholls and Ian Watson, all interviewed by comb-over BBC titan Cliff Michealmoore. It captures SF at a moment: very male (albeit tempered by fantastic facial hair) and with a crisis as to what SF should be. Harrison is absolutely adamant SF should avoid […]

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Pennyblade Eastercon Launch

The launch of Pennyblade went very well, thanks for asking. Nice turn out and all the wine drunk. Here’s a clip of me reading… Excerpt from the fabulous Pennyblade by @JLWORRAD at it’s @TitanBooks launch @reclamation2022 I’ve left you gagging for more… you are going to have to go buy the book and get your […]

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Asimov Got His Ass Pinched

With the coming of a Foundation series on Apple TV a whole new generation is going to Google Isaac Asimov and discover how creepy he was. Asimov made a lot of predictions that have more or less come to pass–robots taking jobs for instance–but what he never foresaw was an early twenty-first century culture intolerant […]

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Worldcon & Titancon: Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in Ireland this month…

Hello my beautiful babies! This month the James Worrad juggernaut HITS THE ROAD FOR A TOUR OF THE EMERALD ISLE!!! Well, certainly a few of its hotel lobbies and conference rooms at any rate. Why? Because I’m in Dublin for Worldcon and Belfast for Titancon. Here’s the line-up: WORLDCON: Erm… just hanging out really. Lot’s […]

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