Worldcon & Titancon: Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in Ireland this month…

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Hello my beautiful babies! This month the James Worrad juggernaut HITS THE ROAD FOR A TOUR OF THE EMERALD ISLE!!! Well, certainly a few of its hotel lobbies and conference rooms at any rate. Why? Because I’m in Dublin for Worldcon and Belfast for Titancon. Here’s the line-up:


Erm… just hanging out really. Lot’s of mates going I haven’t seen in ages. But I’ll be showing my face around the place (I’m happy for adoring fans to take charcoal rubbings of my face for their wall or, if you’re a bit weird, feel free to come up and say hello. It’s not for me to question your life choices)


Thursday Night, 19:00 to 22:00 pm, Waterfront: Literature Night.

I’ll be somewhere on this, reading a pumpin’ powerhouse of a paragraph plethora (ie: reading from my debut novel, The Scalpel). There’s gonna be an awesome line up of authors for this shindig, so come along for the whole thing. I’m told it’s a cornerstone of Titancon tradition and is never less than lively!

Friday Daytime, 12:00-13:00pm, Lisburn: Brave New Words- LIVE!

Holy heck I’m on Starburst magazine’s podcast, hosted by Ed and Anne-Louise Fortune! I’m very pleased about this result, let me tell you. I’ve listened to a few in my time but never expected to actually ever be on it. I listened to the live episode from SledgeLit the other day, where they talked (among many SFF things) about why wombat poo is square-shaped and a bit like LEGO, so expect the debate to be fast and fierce with this episode also.

See you all there if you there and- whether you are or not- have a great August!

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