Last Dangerous Vagueness

The last time an object this long-buried re-emerged it melted an entire kompanie of Nazi soldiers’ faces. Science Fiction fandom collectively gawped this week as it was announced The Last Dangerous Visions, an anthology of ‘dangerous’ stories overseen by Harlan Ellison way back in 1973, would finally see publication, possibly as early as 2021 and […]

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Uncharted Chat!!!

This week I had the pleasure of attending an online launch party for the anthology Uncharted Constellations, an anthology of stories, thoughts and poems about the space race. It was hosted by the publishers, Space Cat Press, and I got to have a natter with them and three other authors. Check it out! “In this […]

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So I Got An Agent!

I’ve been a little quiet on here of late and I hope the reasons are now manifest: I’ve been acquiring representation (with all the manuscript tweaking that necessitates). Max is an excellent agent who came highly recommended by someone in genre publishing and its easy to see why. Max has a profound grasp on the […]

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Worldcon & Titancon: Where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing in Ireland this month…

Hello my beautiful babies! This month the James Worrad juggernaut HITS THE ROAD FOR A TOUR OF THE EMERALD ISLE!!! Well, certainly a few of its hotel lobbies and conference rooms at any rate. Why? Because I’m in Dublin for Worldcon and Belfast for Titancon. Here’s the line-up: WORLDCON: Erm… just hanging out really. Lot’s […]

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