Writing Is A Longboat

The world is plump with writing similes but I don’t suppose another will harm. Anyway, this one I find useful. Writing–writing with serious intent–is a longboat. Or a trireme if your fancy leans classical, or a dromon or a galleass. The main thing to picture here is a ship with both oar and sail. Inspiration […]

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Graham Joyce: Two Years Gone

Before I met Graham Joyce I’d stories I’d never submitted anywhere simply because they were set in Leicester. The Midlands, my internal logic ran, aren’t really about anything, have no atmosphere, not in the same way London, the North or Scotland do. And then I saw Graham speak, and then I immediately bought one of […]

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Just a doodle

In a bout of writing avoidance I done did a sketch of the protagonist from my pal Ellery’s work in progress. Sword came out wobbly but otherwise I’m pretty pleased. I’m not gonna start drawing graphic novels anytime soon though, let’s face it.  

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