Very Quick Thoughts on Hugo Awards 2015

1:  Congratulations to the winners. You all worked hard and had your hard work rewarded.

2: Congratulations to the voters. Clearly a lot of people put some serious thought into their choices. Where choice was possible the fans called good. Where the Forces Of Arse had made no real choice possible the voter- the typical fan- chose to show the Forces Of Arse the door. Yes, the idiots will claim some kind of victory (presumably by holding up the results to an ultra violet light at an oblique angle) but, given the roll of the dice at the nominations, the results are probably the best that could be hoped for.

3:  If the Sad/Rabid Puppies truly get my distain it’s for their pointless exercise in futility pushing Eugie Foster off the nominations. She was one of the best voices in current speculative fiction and was shaping up to be one of its greatest visionaries before she lost her life. A Hugo, or even a Hugo nomination, would have served to bring Foster to wider attention. A bunch of self-pitying jocks shoved their insecurities in front of that. What a cadre of hapless twunts.

But it’s not a barrier, just a stumbling block. SF will be talking about Eugie Foster’s stunning body of tales long after the Puppies are a barely-mentioned anecdote.

4: For me, Hugo 2015 signifies a changing point in fandom as it races toward a third decade in online land. We’re learning to shrug off the histrionics of the wankers, whatever their politics. You can’t get rid of the Voxs and Benjanuns of this world and to do so would make you worse than them. What neither of them understand is that they’re not playing us like they like to believe, but rather that we have to carry them. That’s what a community means:  carrying the weak, even the morally weak. The results show a fandom facing up to that:  thugs are put on the naughty step and safe spaces are created so that new people in the community can be made aware of the dangers.

5: The hosts, David Gerrold and Tananarive Due did a fantastic job. Great double act. Love to see them up there again.

6: Robert Silverberg and Connie Willis are intrinsically funny and I could have listened to both for double the time. That is all .