Welcome To The New Blog

So I’ve decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, which, to my limited knowledge, is fairly common practice. It certainly looks more ‘pro’, whatever that means.

But it’s more than that. Things change. My focus has shifted from short stories to novels and film projects and I’m finding this effects the output of blog posts. Novels are a long trudge and the will to constantly blog and give ‘hot takes’ dries up; your opinions find home enough in your book even if you never intended as much. Short stories, an art form akin to ballet in its pursuit of getting things exactly right, at least allow breathing space for stuff in-between. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some survey discovered predominately short fiction writers were the dynamic thought-leaders (aside from critics etc) in the SF community.

Talking of which, I feel the online SF community is reaching some kind of shift, though I’m damned if I could tell you what that shift actually involved. It’s a gut feeling in me, above all an aesthetic one, something too big to get a handle of, though I imagine it involves a growing population, shifting demographics and a metaphorical mass cognitive shift from nappies to underwear. Me old blog, Spool Pidgin, has seemed increasingly dated to me, and I don’t just mean its hideous decor. Very early 2010’s if you know what I mean (I don’t). I generally move in five year cycles, I believe that keeps one creatively vital, and this year’s Hugo Awards (which, as I write this, will be announced tonight) seem a natural jumping point, whichever way they go.

So what will the James Worrad blog involve? I look forward to finding out. I’d like to do longer, more considered thought pieces whenever I can and less quick, off-the-cuff responses (there’s enough of that stuff on the net, I’m sure it’ll get by without me). As a blogger the latter give you a quick hit, but it’s the former that give me greater satisfaction when I look back on Spool. The longer pieces have an evergreen lustre, receiving a small yet dependable stream of reader hits to this day, while the ‘hot takes’ on current events burn like forest fires in their time but grow cold and incomprehensible as the years pass.

Oh, and hopefully I’ll get a few book reviews in too. I never did enough of them.

So, in summary then, less of it but what there is is substantial. Or something. The main thing is not to plan too much. Plans crumble. Best to go with your gut.

Now what’s for dinner?

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