Just a bunch of links.

First off, I’ll be busy this month as I’ll be flying back and forth from Taured to Bilingen. Don’t wait up!

But meanwhile:

DINO-BREXIT!!!  No wonder they went extinct…

What they found was strange: all the Early Cretaceous movements between Europe and the other continents were out-going. This means that 125 to 100 million years ago, dinosaurs were moving out of Europe.

My money’s on Elder Things.


Follicle mystery. A scalp in a lead box beneath Romsey Abbey, UK. Who? Why?

“The hair is shaped as if it is still sitting on a head but there is no skull. According to the archaeologists, the white bits – visible in the photos – are the remains of the scalp. There is even a plait which is several inches long.”


Ghanaian rapper Azaniaa has a cool video and tune out, challenging christianity’s grip on her nation and people.

It is a perfect self-perpetuating system. They took away our spirituality and gave us religion; they banned us from gathering under a tree by the fireside and herded us into churches. Now we love going to church, because it is the only place we can have a weekend retreat from the mundane work week cycle also imposed on us by the colonials.


The mystery of Kic 8462 deepens. Whatever sits around this distant star–alien megastructure, comets (Let’s face it, probably comets)–is darkening!

KIC 8462852 star displays a secular dimming at an average rate of 0.164 magnitudes per century. This century-long dimming is unprecedented for any main sequence star. Such stars should be very stable in brightness, with evolution making for changes only on time scales of many millions of years.


And finally, here’s The Church For People Who Are, Like, Spiritual But Not Religious. Amen!

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