So, er, I haven’t shown my face around here for some time. I’m deep in books, writing books (and film stuff) and everything connected to that so the last thing I wanna do to relax is blog. But, no fear, proper blog posts on the way, including a David Bowie and science fiction piece I wrote for the Clarion Writers’ Workshop newsletter and something about Chuck Tingle (and there really is something about Tingle, there really is. The guy’s a legend).

But in the meantime, here’s some links:

Tired of all your regular methods of avoiding house work/ office work/ writing/ being president of an entire country? Then get on over to and play my pal Dan’s new game Operation Diomedes. A modern take on the classic scrolling space shooter. You can thank me later.

In a Twitter chat with writer Andrew Knighton we somehow stumbled out the phrase ‘Comatose in Zimbabwe’ (I can’t recall why) and thought it rather mellifluous. Andrew went further and wrote a flash fiction inspired by the phrase. It’s great stuff (and not a little unsettling).

Quietly growing in size like some spawn of Shub Nigurath,’s Lovecraft reread is a reliable delight. Ruthanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth bring fresh new light to old tales and in a manner that’s very engaging.

As so often happens in our superficial, throw-away, buzzfeed article kinda modern world you’ve likely been forced to fight in a one-on-one sword duel. There’s always the usual selection of traditional blades on offer but which do you take? Matt Easton, medieval combat expert (not including pig’s bladders, sadly) gives us the razor-sharp lowdown in this engaging video. And, no, it’s NOT the katana. Seriously, stop it with the katana.

Some wonderful shots from a forgotten music scene:  1970’s Nigeria. Clearly, it was a very musically diverse place and time. It’s not all Fela Kuti. And NOT Fela Kuti with a katana. Seriously, let the katana thing go, mate.

Dutch company trains eagles to hunt down drones. Nice to know war will go on long after humanity dies off…

And finally, here’s a selection of 1980’s men and their dating videos. Don’t have nightmares.

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