A Quick Game Of Thrones Prediction: The Valonqar Prophecy

On the prophecy of the Valonqar: The Hound is the Valonqar. That works for me. If GRR Martin was gonna have it that Cersei thinks the Valonqar is Tyrion but it then actually turns out to be Jaime then Martin may as well have used the phrase ‘your little brother’: it’d get the same effect Martin’s after and he wouldn’t have to throw a made up word in there. ‘Valonqar’, as a noun, makes it so that it *means* ‘little brother’ but you don’t have to put a ‘your’ in front of it. I suspect that’s a functional rather than a poetic choice… 

My guess is that, in the next or last season, Cersei decides that Jaime (who she now distrusts) is in fact the Valonquar (rather than Tyrion, who she’s always suspected)and has him killed. At the same time, the Hound kills his own older brother, the Mountain, and so Cersei realises that Maggi’s prophecy meant the little Clegane brother, rather than any of her own. She’s now killed her soul mate Jaime for no good reason and, all her tears now shed (or however the prophecy goes) she let’s, nay demands, the Hound strangle her.

This works for me because it’s in line with prophecies in myths and stories generally, where the recipient goes out of their way to avoid it but in fact enables it unknowingly. If you see what I mean…

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