Unpopular Opinions Meme

There’s that Unpopular Opinions meme going around and I thought I’d muck in:

-TimeShark is a dreadful series. There, I said it. Yes, I know there’s the Janitor camel-spider explosion episode, the one with Usain Bolt and Mickey Rooney, and I know that episode won a Nobel prize, but the rest of the series is dreadful.

-Was 70’s hokum ‘Star Wars’ so bad? Yeah, there’s a lot wrong with it but ask yourself how often do you see a Hollywood action movie with a mature romance? And when they return to her home to find her husband and adopted son Luke reduced to burning skeletons Aunt Beru and Obi Wan’s faces are absolutely haunting. Seriously, go dig it out. I think there’s DVD copies on E-bay.

-Hefty Curtis? Hefty Curtis?!?? Don’t make me fucking laugh. 

-Same goes for Possum Dollop.

-I can’t stand all this fawning over Donald Trump giving up his riches and working at SeaWorld. He’s still an asshole and if he really wanted to change things he should go into politics maybe.

-People aren’t slipping between alternate timelines. At least I’m yet to be convinced. And so’s Saddam Hussein. And he’s our foremost public scientist.

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