MicroRant: Misrepresentin’ Cthulhu Blues




This has long been a bugbear of mine. The Internet has made Cthulhu a bad guy set upon conquering humanity, a monster intent on evil like Dracula or Skeletor. That was never HP Lovecraft’s vision. Cthulhu has no interest in humanity and may not even be aware we exist. When it arises from its ancient slumber we’ll simply be wiped off the face of the Earth like raindrops off a car window.
And human worshippers of Cthulhu? Their ‘God’ bestows them nothing. They’re people who’ve seen the dark, hopeless truth and have fallen into mindless religion in hope of saving themselves. Stockholm syndrome, basically. And their worship will do nothing to save them.

The entire horror, the entire point, of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror is that we mean nothing, we’re just a tiny virus on a speck of dirt floating in f**k all. But I don’t think we can handle that vision and so we make it a good vs evil gig. Heck, HPL’s pal August Derleth started doing that as soon as HPL died.

Which is not to knock this cartoon. The cartoonist did a good job and all. I’m just a grump. But a grump who’s RIGHT!!! 

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