Close Encounters of the Thirds Kind

Was watching Close Encounters Of The Third Kind the other day and, maybe I’m imagining it, but there’s loads of shots that work on the principle of the screen being in thirds: three vertical thirds (roughly speaking). Either they’ll be something of interest in each third or the focus will be on one third with the other two thirds being the landscape. 

I’ve watched two other films since and watched out for the same phenomenon (just in case I was reading into Encounters too much) but neither film did it to such an extreme extent. 

I can find nothing online to say that that was Spielberg’s intention though. And, yes, I’m well aware my behaviour is a bit like Richard Dreyfus’ character with his mashed potato sculpting. 

But, I dunno. If you get round to watching it again, look out.

2 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Thirds Kind

  1. The Rule of Thirds is a pretty well established cinematic technique so it probably doesn’t help your theory – sorry. But any excuse to go back and watch such a brilliant film is good in my book. I’m off to mix up some Smash and get to work on my model of Beacon Hill.

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