Thanks for buying my Magnificent Octopus! (Plus a call for Amazon Reviews)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BUYING MY BOOK!!! I’ve had a lovely few days that are dangerous to my ever-increasing ego and everyone in its potential blast radius (And, er, that’s a good thing. I’m certain).

If you bought The Scalpel and really want to indulge me, I’d be touched, nay fondled, if you could leave a review/grade out of five/both on Amazon. It doesn’t matter if you think it the unalloyed slab of genius it clearly is or the turgid crapwurst it clearly is, what matters is if I can get ten reviews Amazon will elevate it to some advertising level I don’t pretend to understand but my publisher knows to be vital. Amazon probably sends me some Oreos for being good or sumthing. Yum!

But, hey, no worries if not. Simply buying the book gets you into my totally legitimate armed cult compound. Thank you, sweeties!

kindle edition v3

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