Just saw It Follows and The Autopsy Of Jane Doe


it-followsFinally saw the horror movie It Follows last night. Its genius lies in it doing the exact opposite of most horror films: you always see the monster coming and there’s no sudden scares. Just dread, creepy ceaseless dread. The monster looks like everyone and just walks toward its victim, so, as a viewer, you’re terrified of every extra in the background. You keep checking the landscape behind the actors, you get angry at them when they go into a room with only one bloody way in and out. Utterly unique as a ‘scary movie’. And I keep thinking about what the subtext might be. A lot of it’s sex of course, but I think poverty is a massive theme. If the characters were billionaires they could fly off around the world (In fact I don’t know how the monster would go about buying a plane ticket), but they’re not: they’re poor teenagers in the dying city of Detroit with no options left to them. And it’s beautifully filmed. Great soundtrack too.

Also saw The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. A more traditional horror film in some ways, but a great two hander performance and a neat concept. Good characters for a horror. Also recommended.

4 thoughts on “Just saw It Follows and The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

    1. Heartily recommended. It’s a fresh take on a horror movie. And Brian whatsisface does a great job. As does the actress playing a corpse!

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  1. It’s going all meta on me. I read the blog and commented. You liked the comments, so it emailed me to say this: “You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment!” Not quite getting their point. Got to assume I knew what you were doing by reading the blog in order to comment on it…

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