Doodles From A Follycon Panel

I was on a panel at Follycon this weekend (‘Defend The Indefensible’). Great time, great panelists, great audience. One of the symptoms of this group mania was the off-the-cuff creation of doodles by the panelists to make our points (such as they were). I include them here so as to augment the great body of documents that make SFF history…

‘Technicolour Giraffe’ by David Wake

Angered James Worrad Chasing Wombat Through Forest’ by RJ Barker.

‘RJ Barker Taking A Ride On Kim Stanley Robinson’s Flying Battenberg Cake’ by James Worrad.

‘Duck With Antlers’ by RJ Barker

‘Giant Badger Face Floating Above Stilton Wheel’ by RJ Barker

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