My Story In Future Days Anthology

Here’s the lovely cover for Future Days, an SF anthology from Castrum Press. Nice, ain’t it? I think it’s got a rather hopeful vibe.

I’ve a story in it (a novelette technically). It’s called ‘The Pink Starship Switch’ and it’s a tale from The Feral Space universe (or Feralverse, you might say. I really should decide on the universe’s shorthand name). It’s about art, sociopathy capitalism and robot snack kiosks, among other things.

And that’s about all I can say. Release date is being kept under wraps. However, Future Days is gonna be at a bargain price and will be an excellent taster of some of Castrum Press’ awesome authors (and awesome others!)

I’ll let you know more as and when.

(PS: regarding my last post, no, this isn’t the cover I was alluding to. There’s another cover, one for The Delighted, the sequel to The Scalpel. Keep your eyes peeled…)

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