I’m Still Here and Stuff Is Happening (plus Workshop 10th anniversary!!!)

And when stuff is happening it’s hard to blog, at least in any significant way. At least for me.

The ‘stuff’? Well, first off I’m still editing the new novel from the Feral Space universe (now with shiny all new characters and fresh-faced planets! Expanded universe, like those Marvel peoples do) but as of today I can announce (well, sinisterly hint) there may be another *thing* going on. A thing that’ll show another side of my genre cabinet. Can say no more. But ‘thing’ is gonna take some editing too. So there’s a back log, and edit jam if you will, which explains my lack of visibility here.

(On a side note, it’s clear to me now why blogs aren’t the force they were back in 2014ish, at least not for writers and at least not while Twitter exists. A shame, but maybe more books will come out that way I guess…)

Oh, and my SFF writers group, The Speculators, is celebrating its tenth anniversary! I can’t begin to tell you how fundamental these guys have been to my development as an author since we first got together. I only hope I’ve been of some use to all of them too. I tell you, a decade can turn a handful of scribblers into something of an institution and nowadays we’re seeing a new generation of super-talented writers passing through our modest halls.

Start a writing group (if you haven’t already). Seriously. First off you get a bunch of beta readers. But more importantly you get a community. Writing is a lonely-ass task and a group is a great way of coming up for air and sharing your doubts. The myth of the writer being better off striving alone in their garrett is like the tale of the farm shed no one remembered to clean: mostly bullshit.

(To celebrate our 10th we’ll be releasing an anthology edited by the resplendent Mr Jay Eales (see photo above). Will update as and when)

And, of course, this being Leicester we were off down the curry house for a banquet! Lovely!

Oh and the weird portraits you see on this post? One of us brought a Polaroid camera and some long out of date Polaroid film (or whatever it’s called). The unexpected effects were pretty psychedelic I’m sure you’ll agree!

Now back to the editing mines…

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