A Night Manager’s Thoughts On ‘The Night Manager’ (Episode One).

“Sir, we’re not that manner of hotel!”

Finally watching The Night Manager, where Tom Hiddleston is basically me except in a much posher hotel and not quite as handsome (poor sod). So far I’d give it 7/10 for accuracy with regards to night hotelier life.

Being asked by guests if you have sleep breaks is spot on; you get asked that every other night. The writers did their research there. On the other hand, letting a guest into the office when you’re photocopying something for them is a total breach of security (You’ll have guest’s private details stored somewhere in the office) buuuuut… I imagine in super-fancy hotels the staff are super-servile to their super-rich clientele and may often ignore the rules. I’d like to think I’d never be threatened into letting someone into a guest’s room but I’ve never been tested like that so I don’t know (Though, yet again, the threat comes from a dangerous, super-rich family and the power they exert in the country where the resort is set. Maybe luxury hotels are genuinely less safe for any guest than cheaper places An odd thought that).

But the biggest oversight thus far is Hiddlestone never has to sleep! He’ll happily visit other characters for lunch at 1pm or whatever and never doze off or stare at the cutlery for minutes on end. Sleep and where and when you’re gonna get it is kinda central to working nights, so any realism evaporated for me there.

The bit where he’s asked why he chose the job and he replies the job rather chose him was absolutely right though, in that way I’d never thought about but instantly resonated. Which is what good writing and acting does.

So, yeah, so far, seven out of ten for accuracy, nine out of ten for quality. I may update you as I watch more episodes.

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