That Time My Mum Was In An Italian Exploitation Film

So mum was walking through town in 1963 and an Italian film crew asked her if their actors could throw her and another woman into the town hall fountain.

It was almost an acting part. The idea was she was a campaigner against immorality and rock ‘n’ roll etc (she got given a placard to wave) and the cool kids dunk her in the water. Leicester, curiously, was standing in for Glasgow. Mum got paid about a tenner (Good money back then) and they let her towel off in a hotel room and gave her some sandwiches.

The Italian cast, crew and director were very considerate and professional, so much so Mum was shocked a decade later to discover the movie was really raunchy. We have it on DVD and if I ever figure out how I’ll have to put her scene on Youtube or something.

The movie was Malamondo, one of those ‘youth concern documentaries’ that were actually borderline dirty old man movies. Malamondo, to my recollection, also features nude skiers and a somewhat tame orgy in a graveyard. Fascinatingly, the score is by Ennio Morricone, yes, him of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly fame. One of the tracks is now in Wes Anderson’s new movie, The French Dispatch.

Back in 2011 my brother Tom managed to get a poster of Malamondo for mum’s birthday. Here she is in a photo, clearly very pleased with it. If you look at the poster, my mum is a screaming head in the bottom left hand corner. Malamundoooooooooo!!!!

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