Circle Of Two (5Minute SF Film)


Here’s a film I helped write. It’s only five minutes and is SF so you may well dig it. Here’s director Keith Allot’s description of the project and, as you’ll see, it’s making was quite unusual…


Originally created for the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge, the first edit I submitted was vastly different. It was pretty scruffy to say the least so I decided to clean it up and put the better version on here.

We were given the film title, the line “At least you have an excuse” and the action of someone peeling a label from a tin. The action in the original edit was clearly in there, in this one it’s an 8 frame disturbance just before Fergus walks in through the door because it didn’t really fit in the film.

It was written by Jim and Lucy in about 12 hours and filmed by Jess, Zahra, Fergus, Ryan, Joel, Emma and me in about 11 hours and originally edited through the night in about 10 hours.

The majority of the music is by the brilliant Kris Tearse and the music in the household is a track called Pretend & Walk Outside by Krackatoa from used under a non-commercial use license.

It’s a curious little film, we hope you like it.

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