You May Be Pretty Sith But You Ain’t No Clauswitz

Presumably the name ‘The First Order’ refers to their level of stupidity. Isn’t it obvious by now, after 40-odd years of Galactic civil war, after THREE attempts, that a giant planet-killer star base is a strategically near-useless waste of oppressed tax payers money? There’s something unique about the dark side that lops off all military thinking and flexibility like it were a Mos Eisley barfly’s arm. 

People don’t cower before Death Stars, they commit themselves to destroying them because they’ve really no option left. And they do it with fighters: y’know, those tiny battlecraft that clearly dominate warfare in the Star Wars universe and make fat-ass super weapons obsolete before they even get off the design board.
Why the hell am I, the movie goer, being threatened in the third act by an object I saw get blown up in two previous films? Oh, I see, it’s bigger. Right. What could possibly defeat it now, eh?

I genuinely hope Admiral Thrawn (of SW comics fame) turns up in the next film and laughs in the face of Kylo Ren if he even begins to suggest another Death Star. I mean close-up, bits-of-cheesy-puff-and-spittle-in-the-face laughter. Then he sends the whiney kid off down the Newsagent to buy him a twenty pack of Rothmans.

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