So I’m Working On A Full-Length Movie



And here’s a preliminary proto-poster type thing. Lovely, innit?

Just handed in the first draft and Lucy and Alison and Keith are gonna wipe the crayon marks and crumbs off and make it a proper script. Then we’re gonna film it. Might be a while though cuz first we have to design and build the cameras. That’s just how movies work. Here’s Badshoes Film’s announcement:


After recent short film successes, Badshoes Film are very happy to announce a feature film in development. Writers Lucy Wade, James Worrad and Alison Dunne have been working on the script for ‘Crocodiles’ for the last 6 months. Designer Paul Banks has also provided the first publicity image for the film, which you can see above. We’ll keep you up to date as things evolve with the production but for now watch this space!

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