Hello Halo

Nice coincidence this. My next sf book I do I want (as I visualise the scenes) a look and colour palette of Halo Jones, a comic I saw as a kid but was too young to read. Today I walked by the newsagents and saw this! Lovely! 
Reading it now it’s striking how different Halo is to any other 2000AD strip: it makes no attempt to explain the world to the reader, you just have to keep up, learn the lingo. And I bloody love that in a far future SF (readers at the time weren’t so impressed). In that respect it’s definitely a precursor to Alan Moore’s Watchmen. This is where he learned to walk before he ran.

And, of course, working class woman with no super powers. That pretty much gets mentioned whenever Jones is evoked but, cheeses, it’s worth repeating. This was in an 80s U.K. comic in the boys adventure tradition, albeit leading a new wave of same.

Good stuff. Worth your time.

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