The Thing: bit of an asshole

You can respect the Alien as a surviving animal and you can respect the Predator for its honour bound culture. But there’s no respecting the Thing. It clearly delights in tricking, terrifying and physically humiliating its victims and in turning its prey against one another.

Look at that bit where it makes that guy’s head into a spider and fucks off. That action of itself is relatively fine- it’s getting out of danger- but… the body left behind generates another bloody head and essentially waves it in the face of the remaining humans. Did it really have to pull that little flourish? I don’t think so. It enjoys upsetting the dead guy’s friends.

And, near the end, it recreates the face of the dog at the start as if to taunt Kurt Russell with ‘see? We’re back to square one. I’m gonna pose as a dog again when help comes. You haven’t achieved shit!’

The Thing is a right fucking asshole. Question is, was it always that way or is it a trait it picked up when it absorbed its first human?

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