My First Ever Award Eligibility Post!!! (Don’t look at me like that…)

Hey there! You’re looking good. Been working out maybe? New hair style? Well, I don’t know what’s different about you but, whatever you’re doing, keep it up!

You know, I haven’t said this much before (and I really should) but… you’ve got this real charismatic quality, you know? Almost an aura. Like (insert name of public figure you most admire) has except… well, more so. Gee, why haven’t I mentioned that before? I’m glad we’re having this talk. It’s nice to spend quality time with you and just… get real… you know? Yeah?


I’ve, er, had my debut novel out this year. Yeah. Crazy, huh? Two novels actually. What? No, books one and two of a series. So er…


Magnetism. That’s it. You’ve got real magnetism. By the crate load. Yeah. Can I fix you a drink? Erm…

Alright. Sorry, sorry. I’ll get to the point. My space opera action-comedy-romance novel, The Scalpel, is eligible for various genre-related awards. Hugos, Nebula, BSFA; you know the drill. So if you have a vote in any of those, please consider… well, you know. If you’ve read The Scalpel I mean. And, if not, well, please consider doing so. It’s available HERE. It’s the price of a coffee in e-book form and all the characters in it are lovely people. Apart from the bad ones. But, hey they’re trying I guess.

Thanks for reading this.

What? No! Of course I like you! I’m a genuine kinda guy, not some skanky, user-type lowlife. You and me, mate. Buddies. You know it.

Keep being you, you lovely legend!

Best wishes,

J-Wo out.

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