Just Got Sent This Bespoke Box To Keep My Debut Novel In!!!

How cool is that? I mean, just look at it!!!

It’s been given to me- and is hand-crafted by- the extremely talented Black Club Books. You should check them out on Twitter; the The Scalpel box is just the tip of that creative iceberg, let me tell ya.

So how did this happen? Well, a couple weeks back I offered four free copies of my debut novel to anyone in the world who just so happened to see my tweet. BCB was one of those people. I sent a copy with this here, autograph:

I could see from BCB’s twitter that they almost immediately started on a plush container box for the tome. What I didn’t know was that the box was for me!

From the moment it arrived I was enthralled by its magenta and gold awesomeness (a perfect reflection of the book’s tones).

As you can see below, my own copy of Scalpel now has a luxurious shrine. Thank you Black Club Books!!!

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