So I Got An Agent!

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Max Edwards @OneChapterMore Absolutely bloody *delighted* to refresh my lockdown malaise with a brilliant new client in @jimworrad. Daniel Polansky meets Maestra- fresh, original epic fantasy and a shot in the arm. I'm very excited. 0010410020'

I’ve been a little quiet on here of late and I hope the reasons are now manifest: I’ve been acquiring representation (with all the manuscript tweaking that necessitates).

Max is an excellent agent who came highly recommended by someone in genre publishing and its easy to see why. Max has a profound grasp on the industry and, believe me, the guy’s got so much enthusiasm and energy he could power a small nation’s factories.

The aforementioned ‘tweaking’ involves a fantasy novel of mine. It’s already garnered a wee bit of publishing interest (which is always very encouraging) so we’re attempting to put it in a tuxedo and give it a haircut (metaphorically speaking). Of course, it’s always possible for a book not to get acquired no matter how you much you polish it, but with Max on board I’ve a lot more reason to be confident.

It’s all very exciting.

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