Praise For The Keep Within!

I’m awed and humbled by the kind words of fellow authors for my upcoming novel. My ego is the size of Wales right now!

“Full of dark intrigues, wonderfully layered characters, and a dazzling plot that twists and turns in satisfying ways, this book is masterfully written and just bloody fantastic to read.”

—Sebastien de Castell, award-winning author of The Greatcoats and Spellslinger series

“A cartful of courtly intrigue, a menagerie of plots within schemes, and a massive dose of debauchery. All tied up in JL Worrad’s effortless way of making a world feel real and lived in.”

—Rob J. Hayes, award-winning author of The Mortal Techniques and The War Eternal series

“The Keep Within is excellent from start to finish. Great characters, rich intrigue, full of twists, turns and some delightfully dark moments. And it’s funny! I loved it.”

—Peter Newman, award-winning author of The Vagrant and Deathless series

“A gloriously gory Jacobean romp with a festive setting and twists that keep coming right to the end.”

—Dr. Fiona Moore, author of ‘Management Lessons from Game of Thrones: Organization Theory and Strategy in Westeros’

“Another riotous triumph.”

—Edward Cox, author of The Relic Guild series and “The Wood Bee Queen”

Thank you, one and all!

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