NEW FANTASY NOVEL, ‘THE KEEP WITHIN’, Spring ‘23 from Titan Books!


Set hundreds of years after the events of Pennyblade, a theatre manager/bastard brother of the king deals with rumours of a very real folktale murderer and a building whose very existence corrupts the minds of those who see or hear about it.

Set in the world of Pennyblade, Becken Keep is a thing of unlovely splendour. A vast and brutal citadel designed to impress and intimidate all who gaze upon it. Yet within its walls dwells something far more terrifying. The Keep-Within is black as night. The Keep-Within has no opening, save for a small bronze door. The Keep-Within is timeless, evil and to see or hear about it will ruin you. Permanently. In the nearby city of Becken, whispers of Red Marie’s return terrorise the populace, her masked mouth a bloodied gash of rusted nails, her approach accompanied by the sound of swinging scythes. Surely these mere folktales won’t permanently ruin the theatrical business of Sir Harrance ‘Harry’ Larksdale?

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